Saturday, 10 April 2010

The Roastery

It's been a while since C and I went south of the river due to our location in NW London. We have been rather slack and there really is no excuse I'm afraid. Today we had two reasons, Borough Market and the Roastery, a Kiwi run coffee shop near Clapham Common. Borough Market is always a pleasure to visit, awakening the senses and painfully the wallet.

After a delicious cheese sandwich from the Raclette stall we headed further south to the Roastery, which is about a fifteen minute walk from Clapham Common tube station. The sign outside read "Coffee and Brunch", but sadly my stomach told me that brunch was out of the question. The Roastery roast their own coffee and make all their own food, including the croissants and pain au chocolate. A Flat White is always a good bench mark, a good quality double shot of espresso demanding well textured milk, something you'll never ever ever get at Costa Coffee!

The coffee at the Roastery is up there with some of the best coffee I have experienced in London, though I have yet to explore the entire collection of coffee shops on the Gwilym Davies Disloyalty Card. Fruity, creamy, with balanced acidity - very good. I am not going to go in to a full review of the Roastery. There are plenty of blogs out there reviewing places, our main aim is to highlight places that we enjoy and to let you know that they exist.

The Roastery is well worth a visit, so if your in the area then do head over. A few points that may be some use, brunch finishes at 2pm (daily) and they are due to start opening until 6.30pm starting from this Monday.

The Roastery
789 Wandsworth Road

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